4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

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12 Responses to 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

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  2. Felix Dodd says:

    Do we really need more marketing, do we really need more garbage being rammed into every waking hour of our lives? Do we really want to embrace people who build businesses from doing the very thing that has turned the web from a free open information superhighway into a garbage fueled shit-storm of want and desire? I mean hell the web was given away for free and pioneered by people who believed it to be a new leveler for society, not a bandwagon for every lowlife money grabbing moron on earth

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    So much good information here. Brian is just one of those people that can make things seem so simple. His stories are among my favorites as well.

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    What film exactly is he talking aboutat 21:00 ?

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    Thanks Brian, This video is very inspiring!

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  11. Terry Manning says:

    Great video!

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    A very good presentation explaining what people need to know in clear details. I have understood every point you made here and I can clearly see that this is what people, particularly those new to the industry need. Great job!